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Renewable energy is a source of green energy that can never be exhausted or is continually replenished by some natural process.

Renewable energy can be obtained from the sun (solar/PV energy), from water (hydropower), wind (wind turbines), from hot dry rocks, magma, hot water springs (geothermal) and even from firewood, animal manure, crop residues and waste (Biomass).

Total Utility is able assist you in delivering all the main technologies and help you lower your site's carbon footprint.

Total Utility and its technology partners have the skills and experience required for the successful delivery of renewable energy solutions for your business. We ensure your facility will be generating reliable heat and power, through utility-like provision of renewable energy solutions.

Working with the UK's leading renewable energy technology specialists and drawing on extensive experience in the renewable energy and construction industries, we deliver biomass, solar PV and thermal and ground source energy. We can offer a wide range of the best options currently available for retrofitting or new-build.