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A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (CEPC) sets out the energy efficiency grade of a commercial building. These Energy Performance Certificates are required when a commercial building over 50m2 is built, sold or rented.

There are two grades of buildings under the EPC requirements which relate to the complexity of the building being assessed and will affect the type of EPC assessor you will need.

Display Energy Certificates (DEC), are required for public buildings and those occupied by public authorities which have a total useful area greater than 1000 m2 and provide a public service to a large number of people and are therefore frequently visited by those people .

An EPC is always accompanied by a recommendation report that lists cost effective measures to improve the energy rating. Each recommendation is assessed against the potential impact over three payback periods.

The certificate is important because nearly 50 percent of the UK's energy consumption and carbon emissions arise from the way our buildings are lit, heated and used. Even comparatively minor changes in energy performance and the way we use each building will have a significant effect in reducing energy consumption.