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Adding real value by advising clients on the timing of their approach to market. In the current economic climate of higher and more volatile energy prices, it is essential to have contracts that deliver best value to your business.

Our expertise, process and support systems deliver significant and quantifiable savings that improve your bottom line performance. We establish a structured, managed process that addresses all aspects of best practice procurement, including detailed preparation and analysis; market intelligence; supplier liaison and vetting and KPI setting.

Total Utility can negotiate flexible contracts that enable you to buy tranches of energy throughout the term of the agreement and take advantage of wholesale price movements. We will analyse your requirements, conduct the necessary risk management procedures with you and negotiate the most appropriate contracts. Our market analysts will help you make decisions on when and what to buy.

In addition, many of the contracts negotiated on behalf of our clients are dealt with through our group purchase scheme. You are able to join a buying group which will produce considerable savings through volume purchase power. Typically each buying cycle involves going to market with 30,000 Mwh.